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2000 Archives of the Marres Family

2000 Familiearchief Marres

Although the family archives Marres strives to provide accurate and responsible information not can be guaranteed that the information is always accurate.
The contents of this site may therefore not legally binding.
The Family Archives Marres expressly reserve the right referred to in Article 2, first paragraph of the Dutch Databankenwet (Stb.1999, 303), in so far further legislation not otherwise determines.
The Family Archives Marres follow the standarts formulated by the The Genetic Genealogy Standards Committee in: Genetic Genealogy Standards.

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The Archives of the Marres Family
Administrator: E.C.W.L. (Boed) Marres
Brouwersgracht 212 E
1013 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E-mail: boed@ marres .nl.

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